Entrepreneurs finding paid customers with introstars

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Entrepreneurs finding paid customers with introstars

How to get your first paying customers faster from warm intros

Warm intros to the right prospect make your sales journey a lot easier and quicker. Chasing warm intros to the right prospects at the right time is often the most time-consuming part of sales - especially for first-time founders. So how can founders find warm intros and insights into what prospects might be a great fit? By using introstars, you’ll always receive warm intros to the right prospects 😇


1. Promote your ICP (ideal customer profile) to a large network of introducers

  1. Go to introstars.com and create your own opportunity, where you describe the ideal prospect you’re looking for, and how much finder’s fee (or introduction success fee) you’re happy to pay for a successful intro which turns into a paying customer for your services.
  2. As soon as your opportunity is published on introstars, a network of introducers will see your opportunity, and reach out to you to get to you know your business better to ensure they can make appropriate/relevant intros to prospects.

2. Refine your sales pitch and woo over prospects you’ve been introduced to

  1. While waiting for warm intros, develop your sales pitch to cover all pain points of your customers. Ideally test your presentation a few times with other founders, your ex-colleagues and close business connections to get their early feedback. In reality you will probably tweak this a lot as you get feedback during the sales process.
  2. After a few days, you should start to receive warm intros from introducers via introstars, who make those introductions directly via the platform. For each warm intro you receive, reach out to the prospect who is now expecting you to contact them, and move the introducer to BCC.
  3. Keep your introducers informed on the progress of every intro as they love to hear how their referral went, and this will motivate them to send more intros your way.
  4. Check your introtracker on the introstars platform to keep track of all your intros and see who is helping you the most.

3. Close

  1. Hopefully, your sales process goes well and you can close the deal.
  2. Make sure to recognise and thank all the introducers who helped with introductions which resulted in a paying customer, and pay them their intro fee by going to the introtracker on the introstars platform, and clicking on “Pay success fee” to reward them appropriately.
  3. Schedule regular updates (monthly ideally) with all of your introducers so they are kept engaged in your lead-gen efforts.
  4. You can continue to user introstars as you focus on finding warm intros to other types of potential customers and talent, by simply editing your introstars opportunity to change the details of what you’re looking for.

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